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Three emotionally powerful things are going on while this simple aggressive act guys are supposed to do bravely female body language dating. Women send five times as many body language signals as men do in the same time period. When your eyes meet, smile slightly and hold the connection a little longer than normally done. But if he has gathered up his courage enough to approach you, then you are ready to click step 2 below for your next exciting move. She can indicate that he is looking good and desirable. This is especially fearful because it would be public rejection in front of all the other men and women watching him try to score female body language dating. There are several reasons why he may not immediately respond to your first invitation: if he looks away quickly while you are holding your gaze, then he has little interest in you. Women s flirting eyes body language sociologists have carefully studied this ancient mating process where eyes are used to get a mate. The third thing going on is that if she rejects him in front of the other women there, he will be seen as a loser and unacceptable to all the other women, too. Here are some of what is going on that makes most guy s knees weak when approaching a woman to say his opening line: in this approaching-a-woman action, the man gives a woman stranger the power to publicly judge him and announce her opinion to the world. Both men and women know that a lingering eye contact with a slight smile is an invitation for a closer connection. Just be aware that as he approaches you his limbic system will be running wild because of his ancient ancestors experiences. At this moment, it is extremely important for him to show the world that he is not a failed hunter and a useless pile of mastodon crap. That fear comes from his old brain that is still wired from millions of years ago. Hair flipping, swishing, combing and general preening, plus a smile, are the main flirting feminine body language cues women use to get men s attention. This comes in men s dna from millions of years of competing for breeding rights with the females. Smart women can start a conversation with strangers simply by eye contact. This eye contact and looking down tactic has been well studied by sociologist researchers. Men s greatest fear at this point is a loss of status as a good hunter. Other very effective feminine body language tactics are: walking with an exaggerated roll of hips, relaxed swinging arms, chest out, and head held high with a soft smile.

This will stimulate the hunter instincts in men. Now do the second step: while you have his attention, you should do the second part of this process: break eye contact and look down. The second thing that makes this approaching-a-woman action scary is that all the other guys are watching. This says, see; i am a woman and not defensive. Some guys even turn it into a game of dare for their buddies so they can see them fail. Often this is done by offering you something like a drink, food, or cigarette so that you will reach out and accept it. Spend the first few minutes getting organized, or so it seems. The first step is to make eye contact to show specific interest. And everyone there will see her decision of what he is. This is the most common and successful mating tactic used in most western countries today, just as it was used by thousands of your smart women ancestors.   find somewhere to sit where you can see all the men -- and where they can see you. That is why pornography prospers as men s target market. Smart women just know what gets a man s attention fastest and works at the deepest level. That is instinctual hostility in men s dna that comes along with an unconscious desire to see him fail. This mating game is serious business, so don t leave anything to chance. Check your body language to see if you are sending any negative cues, like hiding your breasts with crossed arms. What you are really doing is ensuring that the men notice you. Many guys won t even play that game and just get drunk instead. Looking down indicates passiveness in humans and many animals. Looking down is an ancient mating signal indicating it is ok for him to approach you now.

He will do everything to show everyone there that you accepted him eagerly. The first step is to use your female body language to capture the attention of the man you want, and to send him the special eye signal that you are waiting for him to approach. Make it safe for him to approach you the old brain (i.muslim matrimonial dating profile chat.
. That makes the odds better for their own success in getting a mate. At his deepest level is the fear that he will never find a mate to produce his offspring with his dna. At a conscious level, he is probably aware that everyone is watching him. Look down and fuss with your drink, inspect your nails, fluff your hair, straighten your clothing, or do anything looking down. Every man s dna is programmed as an ancient hunter, and he is especially alert to movements of the prey -- and that is you. But it is a very special type of eye contact and men always fall for this type eye contact from women. Even if you are not presently interested in attracting a man -- because you already have one -- better read this. ) most likely he is fearful of misreading your invitation and will be rejected. This is all going on at an unconscious level. That is how he would feel if you rejected him now in front of everyone there. That is a symbolic gesture indicating that you accepted him. (continued below:) don t take his lack of action personally and give up. His ancient hunter instincts will be greatly stimulated. You do this by moving with your special female body language. .Online dating site for single men and woman in europe.Christian dating sites ontario canada.

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