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8, 2019, it’s clear that craig is (very likely) returning. Michael fassbender x-men, kevin winter/getty images looking good, you two. But it was his role in happy valley, as the vile killer tommy lee royce, that seemed to cement his place as a dynamic, multifaceted actor in the popular imagination. Spectre—his own words did the job on that one when he said he was exhausted from donning the famous tuxedo—but with the date set and the 25th installment of the franchise coming on nov. Tom hardy hardy is one of the uk’s most enigmatic actors, if only because he can seem so damn difficult to pin down. Just ask leo dicaprio (who appeared with robbie in wolf of wall street) and will smith (ditto for suicide squad and focus): it doesn t matter who audiences hope to see when they walk into the movie—when they walk out, they re talking about margot robbie idris elba dating. Idris elba the london-born son of working-class immigrants from sierra leone, elba could deftly craft a blue-collar briton’s bond that is equally smoldering and no-holds-barred action brawler. Margot robbie the first female bond is a possibility, at least if the betting markets have anything to say about it: ladbrokes has given “any female” 1/14 odds to get behind the wheel of the aston martin, which puts the listing squarely in fifth among the current oddschecker. And while hiddleston s bond odds may be a little longer since his split with taylor swift—shake it off, tom. Charlize theron if there s one requirement to play james bond, it s that an actor needs to convincingly handle a supercar at dangerous speeds, preferably while dispatching bad guys with an array of firearms.  (horowitz later apologized, saying he meant no offense. From a henry-cavill-vs-armie-hammer glowerfest into a remarkably fun spy romp.

To put that number in context: even if craig signed a deal for half the money and only one movie, he’d make $75 million—more than dwayne “the rock” johnson, the highest-paid actor in the world, of course, no amount of cash can stop the speculation idris elba dating. Point is, hardy could easily carry the bond torch lit by daniel craig—that of a physical, enigmatic 007 who is just as comfortable taking care of bad guys with his walther ppk as he is with his bare damn hands. I don t think so, elba said in an interview last month with essence magazine. The south african actress has kicked ass in atomic blonde, playing the closest thing to a female bond we ve ever seen, plus she shot, swore, and drove with the best of ’em in fast 8 (just ask dwayne the rock johnson). “i don’t think i’d be the person to outdo daniel craig at doing daniel craig’s bond. Russell’s american hustle) and big-budget leading roles (the 2016 ben-hur remake) that demand range and action versatility, plus a smattering of quintessentially english film and tv parts. The only knock against norton is that he’s blonde—but that didn’t stop daniel craig, did it. As for his spy bona fides, cavill already distinguished himself in the art of espionage with 2015’s men’s fitness. But if george clooney can have a change of heart, anyone can. Watch thewho will be the next james bond after daniel craig. Early rumors had sony reportedly offering craig an astonishing $150 million to not only reprise 007 for the fifth movie in craig’s contract, but also add a sixth movie to the slate, a sony source told radaronline. It’s certainly nice to see that elba’s dating days aren’t behind him, even though he has no plans to be a married man again anytime soon.

Or, you know, he s punching the snot out of someone else, as in warrior. One minute he’s punching the snot out of batman ( the dark knight rises) or whipsawing his way through the desert ( mad max), and the next he’s singlehandedly holding down an entire screenplay while doing nothing but talking on the phone and driving ( locke). James norton as british as tea and red double-decker buses—he attended cambridge and the royal academy of dramatic art—the 31-year-old norton is a veteran of quintessentially british tv series like war & peace and the crime procedural dating site in costa rica.
. And if there’s a hint at just how gloomy his bond could go, tune in to the bbc’s adaptation of agatha christie’s and then there were none, in which turner plays a cynical soldier of fortune with a “complete disregard for humanity. ) plus, with her action-adventure credentials burnished even further by the newly announced tomb raider reboot arriving in 2018, hollywood has every reason to cast the swedish actress as britain s foremost secret agent. And since a female 007 would mark a major step in cinematic history, who better to flip the script than margot robbie, the australian stunner who s showcased remarkable talent for stealing every scene from every movie she’s been in. Henry cavill cavill may not be the bookies’ favorite at the moment, but hollywood producers wouldn’t have to think too hard about casting our september 2016 cover guy as the next 007—especially not after he got epically ripped for justice league. “the greatest thing about this entertainment industry is that whether there’s a movie out or not, people can find some entertainment from it,” cavill remarked about the ongoing bond rumor mill in his september 1 of 13 1. Kit harington if there were an olympic competition for perpetual poutiness, kit harington—aka jon snow—would have easily conquered it out of an already competitive british field. .Women s sex drive drops after dating.Ukrainian russian dating services.

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