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Others unknown quartz warrior – a quartz warrior shown to have fought rose quartz during in pearl s flashback in sworn to the sword. Peridots are low-ranking enough that they rarely if ever have their own pearl servant. It is unclear how high they rank in the caste system, though they seem at least roughly equal to (or higher/lower than) peridots. Watermelon tourmalines – watermelon tourmalines roles on homeworld (as well as their rank and physical characteristics are currently unknown), as the only gem of this type shown has been corrupted. Morganites – while the exact role of a morganite is unknown, they are known to be in charge of lower-ranking gems. Rutile twins - two defective rutile gems whose gemstones fused together when they were first forming, making them permanently conjoined as one gem. However, she got caught in the war and was ordered to retreat. Rose quartzes – a kind of quartz gems created by pink diamond. The crystal gems are a rebellious group of gems established by rose quartz who disagree with the customs and principles of homeworld society, particularly on its perspective toward life. Gems bear some similarities to the asari from the mass effect franchise: both are extremely long lived, monosexual species that happen to resemble discolored human women. Though the episode is considered non-canon, the description of how steven summons his shield seems to be accurate. Sapphire – a sapphire that was sent to earth as a diplomat to attempt to disband the rebellion, a current member of the crystal gems sexual predating. The crystal gems pearl has an oval-shaped gemstone, while other pearls shown have had perfectly round gemstone. All members of this gem-type are seen as outcasts due to pink diamond being shattered by one of them, which led to all of the rest being imprisoned in bubbles. Rebecca sugar and ian jones-quartey have stated that gems use she/her pronouns by default. Jasper – an especially powerful quartz gem, as noted by peridot in earthlings. Diamonds are also much larger than the average gem, dwarfing all other known gem types, with only some fusions exceeding them in height sexual predating. For example, rose quartzes have round pink gemstones with pentagonal facets. Their bodies will also automatically alter themselves to fit the conditions of whatever celestial body or spacecraft they are on, such as adjusting mass for gravity. Army – a known ruby sent to retrieve jasper.

Regeneration can be prevented if a gemstone is bubbled or otherwise constricted, such as within a mirror. The bubbles can be sent to wherever the bubbler considers home. Gemstone types the gem homeworld maintains a strict caste system based on gemstone, with each gem belonging to a larger type. The color of the bubble depends on the gem. [6] gem shards have also been forced to fuse together over time to form cluster gems. As demonstrated by amethyst in reformed , it is possible for a gem to rush their regeneration process, but it may lead to a number of problems, such as deformed body parts. Fusion: gems can combine bodies and minds to form a larger and more powerful gem with all of their components gemstones on their body. , it is explained that gems aren t born, they are made when some gems from outer space came here with these big machines. Rose herself admitted that for a long time she did not understand that infant and adult humans are the same species: gems are created fully formed and with adult-level knowledge, so they do not have a concept of a childhood stage of growing. Diamonds – the diamonds are the highest ranking gems and the matriarchs of the entire species who form homeworld s diamond authority. Sapphires – rare gems with foresight that hold aristocratic status and dress in regal attire. A gem s gemstone can be used as an energy source, even if damaged. Označava seksualno privlačnu stariju ženu uglavnom između 30 i 50 godina. Unknown morganite - a morganite mentioned to have, at some point, replaced and exiled rhodonite s components after discovering they liked to fuse. The length of the regeneration process can range from minutes to weeks, but a rushed regeneration can suffer from physical deformities. Hessonite s nephrites - a group of nephrites working on hessonite s war ship. Because of this, all gems are inherently sexless, with the sole exception being steven. Pearls are some of the only gems known to come in different colors; according to rebecca sugar, this makes opal, sardonyx, and alexandrite also come in different colors, depending on the pearl who fused. Fusion gems can unfuse willingly or fall apart for a number of reasons, and they can fuse further without unfusing first. The rutile twins joint gemstone has two long segments conjoined together, implying that normal rutiles gemstones consist of just one elongated segment.

Because gems are created to regenerate from bodily damage, but cannot heal their gemstone on their own, a corrupted or damaged gem will simply regenerate into a gem monster. This is further elaborated on in adventures in light distortion where pearl says that their forms are dependent on the local gravity and air pressure. There have been jaspers shown with round gemstones and kite-shaped gemstones.8 dating daughter picture rule simple teenage.
. The more mass the altered form has relative to the gem s normal form, the harder it is to maintain. Abilities most or all gems share the following abilities and traits: enhanced condition: gems may have greater strength, speed, durability, and/or jumping ability than humans. [4] when the physical body of a gem is seriously injured, they will retreat into their gemstone to regenerate. Carnelian – a defective and short carnelian guarding pink diamond s zoo, and a member of the famethyst. Before the end of the war, bismuth introduces rose to a weapon known as the breaking point , which would completely shatter a gem s gemstone, destroying them completely. Doc – a known ruby sent to retrieve jasper, as well as the leader of the ruby squad. In the flashback she shows hesitation for doing her job as the planet they are terraforming have organic life, yellow diamond ignores her complains and demands her to do her job, or else she will shatter her and her crew herself. Amethyst refers to all the gems created through the process, herself included, as parasites. Unknown crystal gem amethysts – an unknown group of amethysts that were formerly members of the crystal gems while bismuth was active. In addition, it is revealed that gems are formed fully developed: being a weak baby would be a pain, so, they suck up all the good stuff from the ground so we pop out all big and strong. While there has never been mention of gems practicing any form of spiritualism, the existence of the moon goddess statue, along with the sea shrine and the pyramid temple, implies some sort of belief system. Rose quartz – a known rose quartz gem and former leader of the crystal gems. Four colors make up it - blue, white, pink, and yellow. Amethyst places little effort or concentration, claiming that it just happens when she needs to summon her weapon. Agates – a kind of quartz gems who are dedicated to terrify , as described by yellow diamond. .Executive friends single friendships executive.

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