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“they clean it up in the cheapest, quickest possible manner,” said william frank, who was a senior attorney in the epa’s federal facilities enforcement office for 25 years before he retired last year. Were contaminants flowing through the region’s porous bedrock. Many of the nation’s most beautiful parks and wildlands are in fact contaminated military properties. “so if we miss something and need to come back we certainly go out and do that. All of that pollution is legal under federal and state laws that promise to protect public health. Mckenna, summoning two armed police officers, kicked her out. The pentagon defends its use of open burns, saying they are legal, safe and conducted at far fewer sites than they used to be.

But the epa’s system for determining how much chemical burning is safe amounts to little more than educated guesses, propublica’s investigation shows. Alicia masson, the former commander of the army base in radford, exits the stage after giving the keynote address at a memorial day celebration in bisset park on the new river. James mckenna, the army environmental engineer charged with handling cleanups at the radford plant, told those gathered that the public liaison for environmental concerns — a civilian volunteer — would not be present. And those people are loyal, to the military and to the jobs it offers. Propublica’s review shows that more than a dozen other burn sites nationwide operate with “interim permits,” effectively suspended in regulation limbo ever since congress passed the hazardous waste laws in 1984. Virginia’s department of health hasn’t gotten involved, deferring responsibility to federal agencies. In the first 70-some years that operators burned waste at radford, neither the army, nor the epa, nor the state of virginia ever actually measured the air pollutants coming from the burn pads or took samples in the nearby community.

” according to army documents, they found the alternatives, of all things, to be too dangerous. Uses colors yellow and green as much for the painting of its hulls as for its pavilion. They have watched decades of wars — or fought in them — and saluted the military’s triumphs and mourned its losses without ever much questioning what would happen to the bombs, mortars and other materials left catherine boyfriend dating jeremy mccarthy.
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